Super what now?

Super Ecofriendly

We love coffee, but holy smokes is it wasteful. Every bag you see on those shelves is made of plastic. It lives for a single use then it you throw it in the bin where it ends up in a landfill for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. 🤢

But not our bags!

Our bags are 100% biodegradable!

Specialty coffee tastes great, but the environmental impact is not. That's because most coffee roasters use the plastic bags we mentioned to package their coffee. While it may look cool and seal well, that plastic can't be recycled and is almost never repurposed. Reusable is best, but at least our bags won't be hanging around for your great-grandchildren to clean up.

Super Responsible

All our beans our sourced from small, independent coffee farms. We try to get coffee through direct relationship as much as we can. You can feel good about where your money is going.

Super Local

👋 hi there! We're real live people right here in Austin, Tx! Austin is has a great community of coffee roasters, but some "roasters" out there aren't really roasters at all. They're just buying roasted beans from somewhere else in bulk and slapping a label on a bag. What you're really paying for is somebody's brand. We hire from the local community, do hand deliveries, and support local coffee shops.

We're still slapping labels on bags, but we do it ourselves, right after we have personally roasted those delicious beans.

Super Good

Ok, we may be biased here but we think our coffee is genuinely Super Good! 😁 The name came about when we were talking about how pretentious and precious some coffee branding can be. We love the coffee, but damn if the flowery language doesn't just put us off a bit.

We wanted something simple in a brand. Something anyone could understand. You will never find nonsense discriptors like "hints of elderflower" or "precocious with a side of intrigue" on our beans. Our coffee may taste a little different to each person, but it'll always be Super Good.

What kind of coffee is this? It's Super Good Coffee! We love it and we hope you will too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Justin & Tom